Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Small Business IT Solutions: 3 Common IT Problems Affecting SMBs

The increase in the demand of technology has made more than half of the small businesses in the world increase their budget for tech services. Small business IT solutions are often hard to evaluate. A company that does not invest much in technology will never survive this competition. Before making any move in investing in […]

Importance of IT Support for Small Businesses

Just like big businesses, small and medium scale businesses rely heavily on computer systems and in some cases, the internet to operate their business. This dependency makes it all the more imperative for small operations to hire IT support for small businesses to ensure flawless operation in the company. Outsourcing the IT support service to […]

Top Considerations For A Comprehensive IT Disaster Recovery Plan

There are number of things to consider when putting together a comprehensive IT disaster recovery plan. It is essential that these items are addressed in order to ensure that the recovery plan for your business will provide what you need to get your business up and running in the shortest amount of time.
People Need to […]

Backup Plan for Business Data: The Importance of IT Backup Plans

Backup Plan for Business Data is a service provided to computer users for backup and storage of computer files. Many organizations, both big and small, are choosing server backup solutions to keep their valuable data safe and secure.

Cloud server data backup allows you to upload data and restore it through internet connectivity. Most crucial […]

Keep Business Data Safe And Accessible

Backing up business data is essential to keep your valuable data safe for future reference. There are several ways to secure your data using portable media such as CDs, DVDs, or external drives.

However, the data stored in these storage mediums can be destroyed by accidental fires, floods and several other mishaps that destroy the […]

Virtualization and its Effect on Your Business

What is Virtualization?
We are living in the age of Information and Technology and one of the terms most often used related to IT is Virtualization. According to Wikipedia, Virtualization is “the act of creating a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, including (but not limited to) a virtual computer hardware platform, operating system (OS), storage device, or computer network resources.” As […]

Business Continuity: Planning Data Safety Using Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data backup and disaster recovery are a set of strategies, tools and processes used to recover technology infrastructure or data of an organization that get damaged by human or natural created disasters such as fire, tsunami, earthquake, power surges, hackers, failure, computer virus, system administration errors, etc. The main goal of data backup and disaster […]

Disaster Recovery Planning – Prepare For The Worst

Planning IT disaster recovery is an activity which will pay for itself when your IT system comes grinding to a halt. IT disasters can impact parts of a business which you may have thought were immune. Detailing the measures required to restore technical infrastructure and services following disruption or disaster is a worthy task for […]

Data Backup Strategies for Consumers and Businesses

Today, information is everything. A virus or hacker assault, human mistake, power blackout, loss of PC systems or a natural calamity can turn out to be calamitous for people and organizations. When you lose your information, the main thing that will be essential to you is your ability to restore the data. It is vital […]

Safely Selecting Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Data backup and disaster recovery solutions are referred as a set of strategies, tools and processes used to recover technology infrastructure or data of an organization that get damaged by human or natural created disaster like fire tsunami, earthquake, power hackers, failure, computer virus, system administration errors etc. Its main goal is business continuity that […]