Backing up business data is essential to keep your valuable data safe for future reference. There are several ways to secure your data using portable media such as CDs, DVDs, or external drives.

However, the data stored in these storage mediums can be destroyed by accidental fires, floods and several other mishaps that destroy the place where these storage mediums are kept. Besides, the efficiency of these external storage devices may be hampered as time passes.

Did you know that it is possible that you may not be able to recover the data stored on CDs, DVDs, and portable hard drive in the event of any damage? The best way to protect your data is by opting for an online backup service.

How To Keep Business Data Safe And Accessible

Several businesses opt for offline data storage services instead of an online server backup service. There is a huge difference between these two types of data storage services.

Offline Data Storage Services

The company providing offline data storage services will often have a data storage center located in your country. As such, if any natural calamity such as floods, tornadoes, or earthquakes hit your state or country, it is more likely that it will also damage the offline data storage service center that is located in the same geographical area.

Online Data Storage Services

Online backup services employ redundancy policies for saving your data, which means that multiple copies of your data are stored on servers at different geographical locations. Even if one of the data storage centers of the backup service is destroyed, your data is safe and can be accessed from other locations where it is stored.

Advantages Of Using An Online Backup Service

  • Data backup service available day and night. Backup services in the cloud allow you to backup data at any time that is convenient to you. The data stored on the server is always accessible, which means that if your business data is corrupted or lost in the office, you always have a copy of it on the server that can be accessed whenever required.
  • Automatic Backup. An online server backup service allows users to setup a schedule to automatically back up data at user defined timings. The automated backup data feature can take full backups of data stored on your system or take incremental backups as specified by the user.
  • Economical. The fees charged by cloud backup services are reasonable, and there are several backup plans to choose from that are ideal and economical for different business requirements. Data is an invaluable element of the business and several business owners do not mind paying the fees charged by a backup service that ensures safety of their valuable data.
  • Free unlimited online storage. There are several cloud backup services that offer their services for free. However, these services offer much less server space, which is not always adequate to store personal data and also not useful for business users. Some online backup services offer free unlimited online storage options in lieu of reasonable monthly or yearly fees. This feature may be useful for businesses and individual users who regularly need more space as they generate more data.

Backing up your business data is vital, regardless of the storage method you choose. The right storage method depends on the amount of data, the frequency of your backups, the amount of redundancy, and the importance of accessibility and security. If you are interested in learning more about keeping your data safe and accessible, data backups, and cloud storage, give the IT experts at Managed IT Services of Arizona a call at (480) 302-7300. We’ll walk you through your options and set up the right solution for you.