Losing your business data can have a tremendous, direct impact on your business, reputation, and company’s bottom line. Often seen as this century’s new currency, your business data is key to your company’s success. Data backup and recovery are necessary to ensure your business can continue to run even if a disaster occurs or an employee makes a terrible mistake.

Are You Really Protected?

Data backup and recovery coverage can be compared to homeowner’s insurance. In a disaster, whether it’s a flood or fire, homeowners soon realized how important keeping their home insurance coverage up past the minimum. Only then did they realize how insufficient their coverage was because they allowed it to fall to the bottom of their priorities.

Many companies view data backup and recovery in the same way. Many times the IT budget is spent on the latest technology without ensuring that the critical data needed for appropriate business functioning is protected. Only when disaster strikes does the company realize how insufficient the protection actually is.

At Managed IT Services of Arizona, we take a proactive approach to backup and recovery.

  • First, we assess the your current backup environment and review the future requirements. We need to fully understand your business to ensure critical information isn’t overlooked.
  • After our assessment is completed, we will design a backup solution and an operating plan for managing the backup and recovery environment.
  • We will then implement a series of improvements that we identified in our assessment to give you an effective and efficient backup and recovery environment.
  • Finally, we will manage the backup and recovery according to our agreed upon service level agreements (SLAs).

There are many options for data backup. Managed IT Services of Arizona can help you find the right one for your business depending on your company size and needs.