IT Vendor Management

Are you and your employees focused on making sure your business is running, rather than focusing on growing your business?

You’re not alone. Many small and mid-sized businesses struggle with balancing the tasks of ensuring their company is up and running, including making sure the technology is working properly, while focusing on growing and improving profitability. Oftentimes there are no less than 1-2 dedicated employees making multiple calls to vendors and handling other employee IT support questions in effort to keep the business technology running for everyone else. In addition, when something breaks – it can cause your business to come to a complete standstill.

At Managed IT Services of Arizona, we understand. We offer IT Vendor Management so you only have to make ONE phone call if there is a problem. Instead of making multiple phone calls to different vendors to find the solution to a problem, call us and we’ll analyze the problem and implement the solution.

With our Vendor Management Services, you and your employees can spend your time making the business better instead of maintaining the status quo.

Software & Hardware Vendor Management

As part of our Vendor Management Services, we will take a complete inventory of your hardware and software to limit downtime in the event something is damaged or breaks. This inventory includes information such as:

  • Serial numbers
  • Warranties
  • Registrations
  • Licenses

Third Party Vendors

We believe “It all starts in the server room.” With the majority of companies relying so much on technology, Managed IT Services of Arizona has experts who are well trained to manage all the popular software and support most hardware. We can be your main point of contact for most of your vendors, solving your problems quickly and efficiently and allowing your employees to handle their important day to day tasks and responsibilities, instead of dealing with vendors.

IT Experts With Your Best Interests in Mind

We understand that your IT is essential to your business – but you don’t need any of the headaches that come along with managing and maintaining your IT, software, hardware, or vendors. Contact us at (480) 302-7300 to learn more about how we can help you improve your current IT.