About Managed IT Services Arizona

Managed IT Services Arizona was formed when Document Technologies of Arizona realized its clients needed someone to understand the entire network of the business to provide the best service possible. Often, when Document Technologies of Arizona installed the copier, they had to fix the company network so the business could take full advantage of the copier functions. Clients started calling for other IT needs – and Managed IT Services Arizona was created.

Managed IT Services Arizona specifically helps small and mid-size businesses with their IT needs – whether it’s providing a help desk and support as needed, acting as your IT department, or providing backup to an existing IT staff, we are there to help your business as it grows and through technology changes. Our managed IT services is the best solution we have for our clients. We proactively manage and monitor your servers, networks, and equipment to fix any issues before they become problems; provide forecasting for future IT needs and to prevent any problems from arising from equipment breaking; and complete IT projects in a timely manner, leaving you with no unfinished IT projects.

Plus, you interact with someone who understands and can communicate with you, the business owner, effectively. Rather than speaking to someone at a 50,000 foot elevation, you’re speaking with someone on your level – in words you understand. We work with the IT experts and engineers and “translate” the information from the extremely technical jargon into layman’s terms.